Hi, I’m Retno Ika

I’m an Interaction Designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. My works range from websites and mobile app design to IoT (Internet of Things). I spend most of my time for reading books, gardening, and playing with my cats. Once in a while, I also helping my bestfriend, Lidya Novianti, to organize Srikandev.

Together with my husband, Asep Bagja Priandana, we create a small garden at our home, to plant some herbs and vegetables. Mostly herbs. I don’t know why I’m so mad about herbs. My husband loves herbs with strongly fragrant, like Basil and Mint. 

Want to know me more? You can befriend me to one of my active social media below. Just hope that I’m not too lazy to accept your friend request.

What I’ve Done Lately


It all started with my gardening hobby and our land constraints. I’d like to have the freshest vegetables to make salads, soups, or stirs almost every day. At the beginning of our marriage life, circa 2014, we lived in a 30 square meters apartment with a very tiny balcony. But that doesn’t stop us.

We’ve made many attempts at indoor gardening, and it all failed. After learning and trying, we managed to know the big why questions we had in mind. And so, we decided to take it to the next level: make it a family business!

Right now, we market kits for herbs. And in the very near future, we’ll sell various farming and gardening equipment for the hydroponic and organic system. Seeds, planters, fertilizers, and more. 



Srikandev is a community of women dedicated to working to close the gender gap in technology and engineering. With your support, we want to connect, inspire and guide women to bring in the unique solutions to many new problems with technology. By providing a supportive network of empowered women, we can encourage and equip them with modern tools to create innovation and showcase their works and passion.

We throw meetup and workshop once or twice in a month. You can join us on Meetup.com to see the schedules of our activities. Do you want to participate us as a volunteer? Please, contact us immediately and we’ll talk very soon!